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Mechanical Services Design - Office

Mechanical Services Design - Office


Jameson Projects recently completed works on multiple small new build office blocks for our client the Ministry of Defence.  The new office consisted of a ground and first floor.  Each floor had toilets and welfare facilities.   

Each of the buildings were provided with heating fed from gas-fired modular condensing boilers which then distributed to serve an underfloor heating system.  This enabled the maximum net lettable to be achieved in the office and other spaces for the client.  Modular gas-fired condensing boilers were chosen to ensure they could closely match the required load of the building by ensuring there was a sufficient turndown ratio.  The boilers employed their own controls package which was in turn connected to the offices, Building Management System. 

The ventilation for the offices was provided via a heat recovery system to ensure maximum efficiency of the system.  The heat recovery system was chosen to ensure the maximum heat could be extracted from the outgoing air supply as possible.  Again, as with the boilers, each of the air handling units was selected from a standard range of products from the manufacturer with the standardisation of components also being taken as far as the air intake and exhaust air louvres on the outside of the building.  The system was provided with stand control elements, such as PIR and CO2 sensors.  It was also connected to the offices Building Management System which was in turn connected to the site-wide system via the wide-area networks. Ventilation was also provided to the toilets in a similar manner to the general office space. 

Domestic water services were provided from electric multipoint hot water heaters.  The reason for this choice was to reduce the need for central storage in the plant room and the waste of energy that would cause.  And two again standardise on equipment specified meaning that a central store of replacement parts could be stored.     

Jameson Projects produced a specification and drawings for the works, this contained all necessary information on all the ancillary components to complete the installation.

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