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Chiller Replacement

Chiller Replacement


Jameson Projects were contacted by our client to assist with the replacement of multiple life expired air-cooled chillers and integrated pumps at one of their client sites. The existing installation was in a completely unserviceable condition with no water in the chilled water circuits.  We were tasked with providing them with the design support to satisfy the requirements of the design and build contract they were entering into. 

Following receipt of the tender documentation from our client, we produced the necessary design drawings and technical submittal documentation their client’s consultant had requested.  The basis for this design was to replace the three-existing life expired systems with three new chillers and pump room.   

Jameson Projects undertook an initial survey of the site to understand its complexities and to be informed of our client wishes for the design.  Following consultation with the manufactures of the proposed chiller, selections were made along with all ancillary components and the necessary technical submittal prepared.  The chillers selected were of a new type that meant the load could be closely matched to their output. Each of the three modules also had the capability of stepping down their output from a total of 180kW to 18kW. 

Following the review of the technical submission by the client’s consultant, we were tasked with confirming the design flow rate of the water in the combined system.  It was not possible to confirm this by the usual method of measuring the existing flows due to the condition of the existing plant or from the record information.  A site survey was required to understand not only the output of the terminal equipment, fan coil units but also the general routing of the pipework too.  Backward engineering was employed to ascertain the flow rate required.  This was submitted to the client’s consultant for review and our design received no further comments.  This enabled the installation works to proceed to completion by our client.

The project was completed to time and budget by Jameson Projects to date there has been no complaint from either our client or theirs.

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